Nomad Zen Plugin for Winamp

  • Jukebox appears under Devices in the media library
  • Play/Enqueue audio files in winamp
  • Download/Upload files(MP3,WAV) from and to your Jukebox
  • Delete files from your Jukebox
  • Manage playlists (create, rename, delete, play, enqueue)
  • Edit track properties
  • HTTP streaming support
  • You can now enqueue and play as many files as you want without delays
  • Save to m3u (thus you can play in other players that support m3u/http streaming)
  • Recursive upload from directories
  • Query server to output entire list in XML (http://host:port/xml)
  • id3v1/v2 support courtesy and

Documentation on how to use the plugin is provided by Rob Burke at, thanks Rob!.

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